Remedial Massage encompasses a broad range of techniques, and traditionally includes deep muscle stripping, trigger point therapy, mobilisation and stretch therapy.  I also include where appropriate two techniques from Traditional Chinese Medicine: Cupping and Gua Sha (spooning).

Buddha in the therapy room

Relaxation Massage aims to promote a general feeling of well-being, as well as providing physical benefits common to all massage techniques such as pain relief, lowered blood pressure and increased lymphatic functioning. Traditional Swedish massage techniques are used, with pressure firm or gentle as required to create a feeling of bliss.

Pregnancy Massage can be performed in the second and third trimester (and the first trimester if there are no complications), and combines Swedish relaxation massage with specialised remedial techniques as required. It helps to alleviate common ailments of pregnancy such as fatigue, fluid retention and lower back pain. To avoid extra stress on the lower back I perform this massage with the client in the side-lying position, with special pillows to provide comfort and support. A wonderful way to get more in touch with yourself and your baby during this special time!

Please note: Pregnancy Massage is available only for 45/60 min

Manual Lymphatic Drainage specifically addresses the lymphatic system, which filters and removes cellular waste  from the body’s tissues via the lymph nodes. This very gentle, relaxing, full-body technique stimulates the immune system, and can be beneficial where there is swelling, or during periods of exhaustion or chronic illness. It is also excellent before and after surgery to promote healing.  Some Lymphatic Drainage can be combined with other techniques for swelling or illness, but for the best results it is performed as a stand-alone treatment.

Please note: as a stand-alone treatment, available only for 60/90 min

“Massage is the study of anatomy in braille” Jack Meagher